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Friends Newsletters


TOW Rachel Finds Out:
Ross who is in China for a bone thing misses Rachel's b-day, buys Rachel an expensive birthday present. Chandler accidentally lets it slip that Ross loves Rachel. She is amazed. After lots of desion she decides that she is going to go for it and goes to meet him at the airport. But what she doesn't see is that he is coming home with someone else (Julie).

rr-under.jpg (18877 bytes)TOW Ross Finds Out:
Claiming she is over Ross, although she's clearly not, Rachel goes on a date with a guy named Michael. After drinking a lot, and with Michael's idea that she neads closure, she calls Ross' answer machine and tells him she is over him. The next morning Ross checks his machine with Rachel's standing there. Suddenly she remembers that she left him a messege last night, she jumps on him to stop him from hearing the message. She's too late and he is stunned. He is also very angry as she has now put him in a position where he has to chose between her and Julie. He says that's not what he needs right now and storms out. A minute later he looks through the window of Central Perk, and sees Rachel crying. He re-enters and they have the kiss we have all been waiting for.

Here is Ross's list that he made with Chandler and Joey's help and
encouragement in "TOW the list." He originally made the list to decide
between going out with Rachel or Julie. Ross added Rachel's pros
later, once she read all the cons and was upset. The typo
(Rachem) was supposed to be Rachel but Chandler made a typo.
  Rachel Julie
Pros : The way she crys at game shows None Mentioned
  How much she loves her friends  
  The way she plays with her hair when she's nervous  
  How brave she is for starting her life over  
  How great she is with Ben  
  The way she smells  
Cons : Kind of Ditzy Not Rachem
  Too into her looks  
  Just a waitress  
  Chubby Ankles (added by Joey)  

Rachel's Con List About Ross:
* He's whiny
* He's obsessive
* Never seizes the day
* He uses too much gel in her hair


He liked her, But she didn't know it
She liked him, but didn't show it.

They finally get together.
What a happy day!
Together forever,
Until one day...

Ross and Rachel decided to take a break,
Ohh for heavens sake.

Emily said I do.
Ross did too,
But to who??

They went to Vegas, and drank a lot.
Got married, and then forgot!

Each week this show keeps me in suspense
and it makes me very tense.

Will they get back together, maybe!
Now you can see why this show is "Must See TV."


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