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Award Page

Would you like to win the Friends Newsletters Award? Well, send us an email, and we will go check out your site. We award the best pages with the following awards :)
Good Luck!!

This is it

#1 A great site

I only give awards out to very well desinged, organized, FRIENDLY sites!

Please only sites that are finished and not under construction can apply.

I have awards for two different levels of quality, sites that are also also well done, and original get this award:

#2 2nd Place Baby :)

Also, my favorite sites will get a new award that I made.

And I have a special award for JENNIFER ANISTON sites!

Here are some of the pages who recieved my award:

The Friends Place
The Idiots Guide To Friends

Jess's Tribute To FRIENDS

If you would like to apply for the Friends Newsletters award just send an email to and include your URL, name, and name of your website.

To see the awards that we won go to our Awards Page