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Chandler & Monica

It all happened in London, but it began a long time before that. There was always that tension and hints to them ending up together. Like in "TOW the Birth," they make a pact to get married before their forty, if neither are already. Also in "TOW the Flashback" they were the couple paired off and gave each other a nice hug. Then in the TOW at the Beach House, Chandler jokes about them going out and she just brushes it off saying that he isn't "boyfriend material," so through out the episode he tries to woo her. Then in the 4th season finale in London, things finally start to happen between Chandler and Monica. Monica becomes depressed and drunk at the wedding rehearsal dinner and like a true friend Chandler comforts her, which apparently he did pretty well because the next time we see them, is in bed together the following morning!!!!

I still can't believe Chandler and Monica are going out. I always thought they would make a cute couple and I hoped they would eventually get together, and they did. I was so excited when I saw them in bed together in England and ever since their relationship has been cute and hilarious. I loved the sneaking around and the corny lies that they made up. It was so funny when Joey and Rachel found out about them. Their relationship helped make the show even funnier. And I think season 5 and 6 has been great just like in the beginning episodes. Don't get me wrong, I think all the episodes and all the seasons have been great, and this season hasn't let me down. It's also fun to see them together, now that we aren't able to see Ross and Rachel together any more, (at least for now). This new plot let Courteney Cox's character (Monica) a chance at a new role and a funnier part.

C&M History

The One With The Birth:
In this episode Monica starts crying on the phone to her mother because she wants to have a baby like Ross. Chandler is there to comfort her, and later when thier waiting in the waiting room for Ross’ son to be born, Monica comments on how unfair it is that she doesn't have a husband or children.
(A woman passes hold her newborn twins)
Monica: No fair. I don't even have one. How come they get two?
Chandler: You'll get one.
Monica: Oh yeah? When?
Chandler:All right. I'll tell you what. When we're 40, if neither one of us are married, what do you say you and I get together and have one?
Monica: Why won't I be married when I'm 40?
Chandler: Oh, no, no. I just meant hypothetically.
Monica: Ok, hypothetically, why won't I be married when I'm 40?
Chandler: No, no, no.
Monica: What is it? Is there something fundamentally unmarriable about me?
Chandler: [trapped] Uh, uh.
Monica: Well?
Chandler: Dear God! This parachute is a knapsack! [throws himself over the back of the chair he was sitting in]

The One At The Beach:
Here Chandler points out that he would be the perfect boyfriend for Monica
(watching a happy couple walk by, arm in arm)
Monica: Would you look at them. Am I ever gonna find a boyfriend again? I gonna die an old maid.
Chandler: You’re not gonna die an old maid, maybe an old spinster cook.
Monica: (sarcastic) Thanks!
Chandler: Hey now besides, if worst comes to worst, I’ll be your boyfriend.
(At that suggestion Monica starts laughing.)
Monica: Yeah right.
Chandler: Why is that so funny?
Monica: You made a joke right? So I laughed.
Chandler: Ha-ha-ha. A little to hard. What am I not ah, boyfriend material?
Monica: Well, no. You’re Chandler. Y'know, Chandler! (hits him on the arm)
Chandler: Okay, so we’ve established my name, and hit me. But theoretically y'know, I mean say we weren’t friends, say it’s a blind date. I show up at your door, and I’m like (in a fake voice) “Hey, nice to meet, ya. Hey, oh-hey.”
Monica: Well I’d probably be scared of a guy using a fake voice.

The One With The Jellyfish:
While down on the beach Chandler is still tying to convince Monica that he’d be the perfect boyfriend when she gets stung by a jellyfish. So he does something for her that most people wouldn't, he pees on her leg to get the jelly fish sting out. At the end of the episode, Chandler and Monica are playing cards and he tells her again that he would be the perfect boyfriend.
Monica: (sets down some cards) Gin.
Chandler: We were playing Gin? Y'know if we were a couple, we could play this game naked.
Monica: Will you stop!
Chandler: Okay. All right.
Monica: Okay, all right, I think you’re great, I think you’re sweet, and you’re smart, and I love you. But you will always be the guy who peed on me.

Happy Honeys
From: "YM" Magazine

Cozy couple, Monica & Chandler from Friends:

Sweetie status: Totally together.

Why Sparks Fly: Over coming her preconceptions of Chandler as a love loser, Monica now gets more kick out of his romantic awkwardness than her gourmet homemade salsa. And Chandler probably never thought his main squeeze would rather vacuum around a La-Z-Boy than lounge on it, but now he finds her compulsions endearing.

Passion pitfall: These guys both have to tone down their nutty traits before the habits become more annoying than lovable.

Love Lesson: What bugs you about someone now may be exactly what makes you fall for him later.

How did everyone find out?

Joey- He was the first to figure it out. He realized that they were together when the hotel called and said they found an eyelash curler. Then Later in Monica's apartment, Monica asked Rachel if she could borrow her eyelash curler because hers was missing. Joey put together the math and was sworn by Monica and Chandler not to tell anyone.

Rachel- She was the second to find out. She over heard a phone conversation between Chandler and Monica. Then she talks to Joey about it.

Phoebe- While over at Ross's apartment, she was looking out the window over at Monica and Rachel's when she caught them fooling around. She and Rachel then plan on getting them back for thier secrecy, and Phoebe decides to hit on Chandler and make them squirm.

Ross- He was the last one to find out. While he was in his new apartment, that has a great view of Monica's apartment he spotts Chandler and Monica making out, and screams "Get off my sister!!!"

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