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~By (Audrey)

Name: Marcel The Monkey

Played by a monkey named Monkey. And unlike Marcel he is a she. Now, Monkey also has a stand in monkey named, Katie.

He is a Black capuchian monkey with white face.

Former Owner: Ross Geller.

Fav Song: The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

Fav Meal: Banana Cake with mealworms.

Annoying habits: Plays with Monica's kitchen tools, swallows Scrabble pieces, poops in Monica's shoe, and humps things.

Fav Toy: Curious George, and the remote control

Occupation: Movie Star - Starred in Outbreak 2, and a commercial for Monkeyshine beer. Fame wise they ranked him as high as Cybil Shepherd.
"How big? Well, in human terms, they say he's the eqivalent of Cybil Shepherd."

Marcel was in the following episodes:

110 TOW The Monkey
115 TOW The Stoned Guy
116 TOW Two Parts, Part 1
117 TOW Two Parts, Part 2
118 TOW All The Poker
119 TOW The Monkey Gets Away
121 TOW The Fake Monica
212 TOW After the Superbowl Part 1
213 TOW After the Superbowl Part 2


Rachel: "Let's just say my Curios George doll is no longer curious"

Ross: "I think he finally mastered the difference between 'bring me the'....and 'pee in the...'".

Ross: "One day he was this little thing, and then before you know it, he's the little thing I can't get off my leg."

The Real life Monkey Problem

Reportedly the Friends cast didn't enjoy working with this monkey, especially David Schwimmer, because he'd mess up scenes.

"He ate live worms and vomited," Matthew Perry told TV GUIDE. "It was a little gross."

"I hate the monkey," David Schwimmer told Entertainment Weekly.