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Phoebe Facts

Name: Phoebe Buffay.

Nick Name: Pheebs

Birthday: February 16 (Mentioned in "TOW Frank Jr.")

Occupation: Masseuse, singer and guitarist. Also has worked as a telemarketer, and a cateror with Monica.

Family: Twin sister named Ursula, a waitress. Brother named Frank Jr and a half brother named Carl. Her mother committed suicide when Phoebe was fourteen, her stepfather is in prison, and her real father is a pharmacist who deserted Phoebe's mum and second wife. Phoebe used to live with her grandmother, Frances, an eccentric cab driver, but she recently died in a shopping aisle.

Pets: Cat, who she thought was her mom.

Ex-boyfriends: David - the Scientist, Roger - the Shrink, Nokululu N'K'A-A (who we've never met), Duncan, Ryan - the navy guy, Malcolm, Robert, Sergei, Vince - fireman, Jason - teacher, Larry, Gary the cop, and now Mike (Paul Rudd).

*Little Known Facts About Phoebe*

Had a music video on her song Smelly Cat, but her voice was dubbed without her consent.

Every time Phoebe goes to the dentist somebody dies.

Phoebe was once maried to a male ice dancer who told her he was gay.....he said that to get away from her...even though he still loved her.

She thought Old Yeller was an upbeat movie until just recently.

She was a surrogate mother two her brothers triplets. "It was their bun in her oven."

Lived with Monica before Rachel did, but thought she was too neat and decided to live with her grandmother.

As a kid Phoebe never learnt how to ride a bike, so years later Ross decided to teach her.

Her mother committed suicide when she was young. SONG: "How was I supposed to know my mom was dead in the kitchen?"

Lived in Prague. (She mentions this in passing)

Dates a marine (Charlie Sheen) who surfaces every once and awhile and comes directly to see Phoebe.

Hates PBS because when she wrote to Seasame Street they never wrote her back, just sent her a keychain. "All I got was a lousy key chain! And by that time I was living in a box. I didn't have keys!"

She was once dumped by a guy because she fell asleep watching "This is Spinal Tap", which is like, the most upbeat movie ever.

She finds it really hard to remember her phone number because, as she says, "I never call me".

She's a vegetarian. Doesn't eat anything with a face.

She once pretended to be Joey's agent.

Phoebe likes Beatles and pizza.

Phoebe's suggestions for the name of her brother's baby are Cougar, Exxon, and Chanoey. But she ended up going with Chandler.

Phoebe/Lisa wasn't able to join the London trip beacuse she was pregnant.

This information was brought to you by Audrey,, the president of Friends Newsletters!