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Where Our Friends Live!!

New Living Arrangements after the finale:

(All the moving changes mainly took place after Chandler moved in with Monica)

Monica's Place: The Bing's, Monica & Chandler have left for the suburbs of Westchester, NY with their new twins.

Phoebe's Apartment: Phoebe and Mike

Joey's Place: Joey

Ross' Place: Ross and presumably Rachel and Emma will be living there now too.

Outside view of their apartment

This picture was taken by Audrey ( in Greenwich Vilage in NYC. This apartment can be seen on the corner of Bedford and Grove

The Set

Sets by (Audrey)

If you are like me, and can't go to the studio to watch a taping cause you live on the East Coast; l'll tell you how the studio is set up. I got the info from several people, and I got to visit the set but it was during the off season and it was all unfirnished.

There are two sets that are already furnished. -- Monica's apartment, which occupies the center stage, and the Central Perk coffee house, which is stage right. Those stay up all the time, because they're in every show. Behind the Central Perk set there is a miny street, where people walk by to make the show look like it's really in NY.

On stage left there is a space where they put larger ''swing sets'' (sets that are only needed for one or two episodes). That could be Joey's apartment, Carol and Susan's apartment, or the fancy restaurant in TOW after the superbowl pt. 1 (212). Lately we see more and more of Joey's place, so it's usually furnished for their apartment. Otherwise I presume their furniture is easy to remove and make into another setting.

The exterior of Monica, Chandler, and Joey's apartment, and Central Perk are shot at Manhattan's Greenwich Village, 90 Bedford Street. Us easterners can go check it out, shall we??

Central Perk

Monica's Place

Phoebe's Place

Joey's Apartment

Ross' Apartment