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More DVD's

Best of Friends
Vol. 1 & 2

Best of Friends
Vol. 3 & 4

Best of Friends
Volume 2

Best of Friends
Volume 3

The Complete Best Of Friends Collection

Friends - The One with All Ten Seasons (Limited Edition)


Friends Trivia in a Tin

Monica's Vintage Poster

The One With All the Trivia DVD-ROM game:

Friends: The One With All The Trivia ( Playstation 2 )

Friendly Books


Friends Til the End

cover Cooking with Friends
This cookbook includes pictures, quotes, recipies. My fav is Chandler's Cinnimon Toast.

Friends: The Official Trivia Guide
by Lauren Johnson Filled with fun facts, sidebars, photos, and hilarious trivia, this Friends scrapbook covers everything from Ross's marriages to Joey's love affair with sandwiches, from Rachel's nose job to her pregnancy, from Monica and Ross dancing "the routine" to Phoebe singing "Smelly Cat." It revisits the ups and downs and unforgettable moments.

Best of Friends : The Unofficial Friends...

My first and favorite Friends book. Lots of facts, an interesting read!!

Friends : The Official Companion

LOTS of info, quotes, quizes, and behind the scenes info.

What's Your Friends I.Q.? : 501...
Trivia Galore!

From Mother and Daughter to Friends.

Here Jenn's mother exploites her daughter by writing this book, and people wonder why they don't talk? But get the inside info on JA's childhood.

Friends (HB) A cheap pocket sized hard covered Friends book, filled with pics and quotes from the show. One of the first Friends books I ever bought.

Friends: The #1 Sitcom


Friends (Television Series)CD The original Friends soundtrack. I love it! Has REM, Hootie and more. Plus actual audio quotes from the show after a song.

Friends Again Most don't know that they came out with this second CD. It has more recent quotes! A cool version of Smelly Cat featuring Lisa Kudrow. Plus the song Monica and Ross dance to during "TOW the Routine."


Best Of Friends volume 1 & 2

Best of Friends VHS Volumes 3 & 4

More Friendly DVD's

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*Scream 2 is my fav one out of the Scream series, probably because CC is in it more and she has a lot of good scenes with her husband David Arquette. I own that one and the DVDs of Fools Rush In and Picture Perfect, which are just too cute. Enjoy!*

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